Ride it

Cycling in traffic

- Beware at all time of all vehicules, esp. lorries. When turning left…

- Don’t cycle to loose to parked cars, allow a bit of space.

- Do not jump lights.

- Respect all road users, share the road and have fun!

- Helmet is advised but not compulsory in the UK

- Always have front and rear lights at night, it’s illegal and dangerous not to be seen and not to see!

Check it

A good maintenance of your bike is essential for cycling around.

- Check tyres regularly and pump them up until they are too hard to squeeze
- Check brakes and don’t allow them to skim the wheels
- Oil the chain
- Listen for noises: squeaks, rattles and scraping suggests something needs attention
- Make sure your gears change smoothly - you may need professional help to adjust them
- Check that wheels spin smoothly - turn the cycle upside down and spin the wheels

Move it

Bikes on public transport

- Tube: You can take a folded bike anywhere and anytime. Download the map below for details of where you can travel with your non-folding bike.

- DLR: Non-folding bicycles are permitted off-peak Monday to Friday until 07:30, between 09:30-16:00, and after 19:00 and all day weekends and on Bank Holidays. Folded bicycles can be used on all DLR trains, at any time.

- Overground: Compact folding bikes are accepted on all London Overground trains at all times. Restrictions for non-folding bikes apply, check details here.

- Bus: Folded bikes are accepted at the driver’s discretion. The rules are the same for pushchairs and larger items of shopping and luggage.

- Network Rail trains: Bicycles are allowed, however some train companies have restrictions on when accompanied cycles may be carried, especially at busy times.

Lock it

Parking your bike

You’ll find safe, convenient bike parking all over London, on streets, at stations and at work places. Always lock both wheels and the frame to the stand or rack. We recommend using a D-lock for a maximum security.

Bike theft is very common is London so never leave your bike unattended! Always lock it at home, in communal hallways or entrances.



Get your bike registered and market with BikeRegister. It is a visible deterrent to bike thieves. They know that if they are caught in possession of a registered bike, the rightful owner can be traced and they will be arrested.