Our rides

At IBikeLondon, we welcome everyone, whatever bike they ride to come cycle with us. Our aim is to promote cycling as a safe and social activity and to explore different parts of London.
To know more about the organisation of our events please read below. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.


Our rides are free and everyone can join. So invite all your friends!


  • You do not need to register. You do not need to pay anything.
  • We do not provide the bikes.

The route

  • Our team prepare a special route for every single ride we do. We like cycling in all parts of London and discovering interesting places and nice views.
  • We tend to cycle short routes (20 to 25km) but sometimes we create longer journeys (30 to 35km).
  • Our rides often end at the pub where we gather together for a pint or at special events.

Food & WC

  • There are usually two or three breaks during the ride. We can’t ensure there will be a café every time so bring some snacks and drink to keep you cycling.
  • Also, we advise you to turn up with empty bladder before the start. We make sure there is at least one WCs break on the route.


Check your bike

Please make sure your bike is in good condition and you check your brakes and tyres. If you have a mechanical problem or flat during the ride we will try to help you!

Be careful

During the ride we will often be riding on the road with vehicular traffic. We encourage everyone to ride safely as you will be responsible for your own safety and we are not responsible for any injuries or accidents during the ride.


For your safety we recommend wearing a helmet, but you are free not to. If cycling when it’s dark make sure you have front and rear lights as well as reflective wear or strips.

Our Nautical Ride